Shri Akkalkot Swami Maharaj Mandir

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A spiritual campus with a beautiful Idol of Sri Swami Samarth in a Temple is set up on the banks of the Patal Ganga river, enabling devotees to peruse their Sadhana for spiritual growth. Sri Krishna Saraswati maharaj and Sri Namdeo Maraj Temples are also set up in the vicinity. In these Temples .Pooja & Abhisheks are performed daily., Festivals of ‘Guru Pournima , ‘Datta Jayanti’, ‘Sri Swami Samarth Prakat Din’ (i.e. Sri Swami Samarth’s Appearance on the earth), ‘Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj’ , ‘Sri Namdeo Maharaj ’ and Sri Nana Maharaj Jayntis are celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm. Thousands of devotees participate in this celebration, perform their Abhishek & partake in the Mahaprasad.

Kendra also provides educational aid to schools and rural students in nearby villages. Medical and Meditation Camps, Lectures for spiritual development are also organized for rural people. Library facility is also provided to nearby residents.

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