Shri Namdeo Maharaj Mandir

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Sri Namdev Maharaj was born in a rich family in a small village called ‘Madiyal’ in the state of Karnataka. Bhagubai, elder married sister of Sri Namdev Maharaj, owned a beautiful temple of Lord Dattatreya. Behind the temple there was an Audumbara tree. This tree was special. It was a botanical wonder, as it had branches like Vata tree on one side as well as branches of Peepal tree on the other side. Therefore, it was truly representing Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.
Her parents, Vyankoba Chavan lived with his wife Laxmibai in a house adjacent to this temple. On a Hindu New Year Day, Gudhi Padva, in the year 1841, Laxmibai delivered a baby boy. A sanyasi sitting nearby commented that perhaps Lord Dattatreya has taken birth. The boy was named ‘Namdev’ and lovingly addressed as ‘Namya’.
Namdev’s family then resided at a place known as ‘Halyal’. They were landed gentry, extremely rich and prosperous. They owned huge fields with rich fertile soil. Namdev’s father had a money lending business also. Being from royal family, as a child Namdev used to wear a tubular bracelet made of solid gold.One day he was resting at the entrance of his house at Shukrawar Peth. Just then Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj with his devotees in town was out on his daily walk along the banks of the river Panchganga. While passing through the road where Namdev lived, Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj stopped at Namdev’s house. He looked at Namdev pointedly and said in his Kannada language, “Remember Naglingayya’s prophesy. I am Datta Swami”. Saying this, Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj left. Namdev was dumbstruck and shaken. He wondered who he was and on making discreet inquiries he found the address of his mathi.
The day Namdev visited the mathi, it was crowded. Since he wanted to talk privately with Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj, he stood alone in a corner waiting for the crowd to leave. After a while, Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj saw him. He at once got up and rushed towards Namdev. He embraced him and told the devotees present, “This is Namdev from Pandharpur.” Namdev was surprised to know that Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj knew his name. Then Namdev started visiting the mathi daily.

Though Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj had many disciples in and outside Kolhapur, Sri Namdev Maharaj was his most favourite one and therefore he decided to end his bodily existence on the lap of Sri Namdev Maharaj. The last words of Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj were “Namya! This tree of spirituality must grow tall like a Vata tree. Remember that it is for you to make it grow.” Accordingly, Sri Namdev Maharaj spent his entire life for the mission of his Guru by guiding the devotees in pains and difficulties, spreading the message of peaceful coexistence and brotherhood. Igniting the selfless soul within the devotees.
Once P.P. Nana Maharaj was shown by Akkalkot Sri Swami Samarth in his dream that soon he is going to meet Sri Namdev Maharaj and accordingly at the residence of Shri. Dnyaneshwar Katkar, Kurla, P.P. Nana Maharaj met Sri Namdev Maharaj. Sri Namdev Maharaj instantly said, “You are going to live for more than 100 years for carrying forward my mission.” After the mahanirvan of Sri Namdev Maharaj, Sri Nana Maharaj had a desire to have a small temple of his Padukas and again to fulfil the wish of his beloved Guru the same devotee, who constructed the mathi of Sri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj, came forward and solely constructed a small beautiful temple called Gurumandir.
On an auspicious day of Sri Dattajayanti in 1994, Padukas of Sri Namdev Maharaj were installed at Gurumandir at the auspicious hands of P.P. Nana Maharaj and well known Srikrishna Bhakta, P.P. Leelatai Karve. P.P. Nana Maharaj was delighted because both his wishes are accomplished and ultimately his Guruparampara has arrived at Sri Saihari Kshetra.

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